Real Estate Marketing

Success in Real Estate is More than just Location, Location, Location.

There’s another key factor that I love to repeat three times instead: marketing. Many clients in Ventura County turn to me for my expertise in getting the word out in ways that generate results in a relatively short window of time.


My skills in navigating SEO, social media, web design and more ensure that my clients’ properties are well-branded and generate crowds of vetted, highly interested parties.

Local Marketing

A successful effort in selling your home starts right in your neighborhood. I employ several highly effective strategies to sing the praises of your property throughout local communities, including targeted flyering, open houses for qualified leads, and tours of your home for key brokers in the area.

24 Hour Exposure

Round-the-clock advertising and marketing ensures that the right eyeballs are on your listing even while you sleep or travel. I create persuasive listings and ads for your home that will be posted on high-traffic sites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and 100’s of other Real Estate websites

Visual Branding

I find that framing my clients’ properties in the most flattering light helps close sales faster than anything. High-quality, professional photography, dynamic 3D imaging, and cutting-edge drone footage are all tools I use to create visuals that lure excellent offers and get the bottom line signed fast.

Digital Marketing

Odds are that a number of prime buyers for your property are active online. I take full advantage of this, making sure to craft attention-grabbing content for social hubs like Facebook and Instagram. I also generate unique property websites that can rank well on search engines for target keywords, and I craft email blasts to captivate potential buyers in their inboxes.

Client Involvement

Your feedback proves essential in shaping my strategies to make the process as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. I am sure to request and incorporate your opinion and ideas into my range of tools, like partnering with you on staging your home and collaborating with you on generating the perfect marketing campaign.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Every property is unique; I tailor my strategy to maximize results for you as an individual. Contact me today so I can talk you through my personalized approach to selling your home!