Ojai, California

Is your soul yearning for a replenishing, sun-drenched, positive-energy paradise? Look no further than Ojai, highly regarded as a rural and rustic desert haven of tranquility and spirituality. 

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About Ojai

Ojai is a tiny town with a tight-knit community of residents who’ve often lived there for generations.


Emotionally exhausted Los Angelenos have been flocking to Ojai for both its special “magical” sensation as well as for its array of reasonably priced properties.


Another Ojai perk is its freedom-living scene, centered around marijuana and several legal dispensaries in town. Families will also enjoy a year-round calendar of excellent activities and experiences for youngsters. A colorful local art scene and breathtaking vistas further distinguish Ojai as a must-consider for truly good living.

Why you should choose Ojai


Ojai’s population tops out at just under 7600 residents in total. Hispanics comprise the largest minority group, making up about 12% of the town.


The community skews slightly female (52.2%), and the median age in town is 47 years of age. Families with children under 18 contribute about 40% of the population.


Creativity bursts in Ojai thanks to its intense spiritual vibes and a panoply of art galleries, design studios, and artisan boutiques. The Ojai Meditation Mount serves as a hub for those in town looking for a bit of inner peace. When not in “zen” mode, Ojai residents revel in events like Ojai Day, a joyous annual family-friendly event, and the world-class music and entertainment acts that perform at Libbey Bowl. Locals may also jaunt to Beacon Coffee for a zippy espresso or, when in the mood to indulge, beeline to Ojai Rotie, one of the best restaurants in all of Ventura County.

Standout Neighborhoods

Ojai’s downtown village gives you proximity to the town’s central hub and primary lifestyle experiences, such as community theater, the Arcade shopping center, and the one-screen Playhouse movie theater. Other neighborhoods creating desire in Ojai transplants include Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte (with its array of starter homes), and the more upscale Persimmon Hill enclave.



There’s no shortage of truly excellent schools at all levels in Ojai. Helmed by the Ojai Unified School District, some of the best-regarded options include the world-renowned Oak Grove boarding school, Meiners Oaks Elementary School, Monica Ros School, Ojai Valley School, Matilija Junior High School and Nordhoff High School.

Fans of desert weather will likely never want to leave Ojai

Temperatures here regularly register 40 degrees higher than the beaches twelve miles away, and they can similarly plummet during wintertime.


The small town also balances between feeling like an isolated retreat and popular resort town, as tourists from around the world descend on Ojai en masse at regular intervals throughout the year.

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