Agoura Hills, California

For a small-town feel with the pluses of big-city living, Agoura Hills might be your best bet. Its assets begin with its incredibly easy access to and from Los Angeles, making it extremely attractive to commuters.

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About Agoura Hills

Families are flocking en masse to Agoura Hills for its exceptional schools at all levels and venues that kiddos adore, like We Rock the Spectrum and Bubblemania.


And homeowners quietly tell their value-conscious home-buyer friends about the listings here, many of which are often a tad more spacious than homes in nearby neighborhoods. In short, the suburban lifestyle doesn’t get much better than in Agoura Hills.

A population of just over 20,000 is marked by a median age of 45 years, about 25% higher than California’s statewide average. This harmonizes with the fact that nearly 60% of Agoura Hills residents are married. About 24% of the city sources its income from social security; self-employment, at 23%, is nearly just as common here.

Why you should choose
Agoura Hills


Agoura Hills living prioritizes relaxation and family time above all. It’s hard to take in the lengthy vistas, stretching into Malibu, and not feel tension melt away. Family-friendly programming abounds in town; movies in the park and Mommy-and-me classes are commonplace.


Staying active and healthy is also huge here, with bountiful trails to hike, bike, run, and immerse yourself in nature.


You can always find residents here dining their way to Rome and Florence via the authentic, handmade, and delicious eats at the Italia Deli.


Locals often recommend that Agoura Hills newcomers spend a lot of time at Whizin Market Square, best described as the city’s lifestyle center and packed to the brim with first-rate artisanal goods and unique eateries.

“Where music meets the soul,” the Canyon Club is a cozy music venue that lures classic acts like Oingo Boingo and Berlin.


Elementary schools are extraordinary in Agoura Hills, with Sumac Elementary School, Yerba Buena Elementary and Willow Elementary earning sky-high reviews among parents. Lindero Canyon Middle School scores in the top 10% percentile in all of California on the Academic Performance Index (API), while Agoura High School stands out for its arts, music and drama offerings.

Standout Neighborhoods

If you’re looking to maximize Agoura Hills’ entertainment value, strongly consider Malibu Junction; its lively cultural scene also serves as home to the famous Paramount Ranch filming location. Outdoors lovers will resonate with the Historic Quarter’s proximity to the Santa Monica Mountains National Park. The Hillrise neighborhood is one of Agoura’s most eclectic and affordable for new homeowners.

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